Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Starry Eyed

My friend came up with the idea of star-studding a pair of black levis after seeing the ones Coal n Terry Vintage are selling here, their site has some amazing pieces (I really want the Stars n Stripes tube top!) and is brilliant for inspiration if you don't have the money and like a little DIY. After buying a pack of 50 star studs for roughly £2 (you can get them here) she got me over to help her. We positioned the studs beforehand to check they looked right and then I studded away. Some of the studs didn't end up in the right place to start off with, but I didn't bend the spikes over until we were completely happy with the way they looked and then used some scissors secure them.
Here's the finished look! I absolutely love them and am gutted they're not mine aha, although my friend has promised that I can borrow them soon and I can't wait :) the best thing is that they cost less than a £10er! Next time I'm in Bristol I think we're going to fray the edges- cheese grater at the ready...

Monday, 27 February 2012


galaxy tee: yayer, disco pants: american apparel
vans: schuch, cross ring: boutique73

Super quick post as I have to be up early tomorrow to work in London and I haven't painted my nails yet! My 3 day weekend has made me extremely tired but it was so much fun... wore this outfit out on Friday night; went for a meal and then ended up incredibly drunk at this house party in Bristol which was really good! I realised I hadn't worn my galaxy tee in a while and when my friend said I could borrow her disco pants to wear I thought it would go perfectly. I keep wearing my vans at the moment, really need another pair- one just isn't enough, it's pay day tomorrow so I may treat myself. Turned out my tee matched my cloud nails too which you may have seen on my instagram, (and if not it's @yasminnjade) although it was completely unintentional aha :) 

Friday, 24 February 2012

Led Me Astray

 tee: charity shop, skirt: charity shop- DIY here
chelsea boots: topshop, fur coat & stone ring: vintage
tights & pendant: primark, fox ring: cheap frills
nails: beetlejuice- emerald black

Took these pictures on Sunday in a country park near Slough, went for a wander because it was such a nice day and then had a a roast in this little country pub we found, it was soo nice. Don't remember the last time I had a roast dinner before that! This is the first time I've worn my velvet skirt since making it, not sure why I tend to misplace all of my clothes aha but I'm always pleasantly surprised when they turn up again :) My beautiful fox ring was a valentines present; which previously featured on my wishlist- making them really tends to pay off aha. I've had a present from every one so far! 

This weekend I am off to Bristol and I couldn't be more excited, I have the best weekend planned... I'm seeing my mum tonight for the first time in 2012!! We're going out for dinner and drinks, then I might head on to Thekla (club on a boat!) for 51:27. Then, on Saturday it's UKF!! Really looking forward to this, the line-up is really good and my friend is doing a set so if any of you are going check out Kinetic!! Going to make some Outlook plans, book flights/ boat parties etc and then I have Monday off... amazing.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Strawberries & Cream

models own: red red wine & barry m: matte white

You might have noticed these nails in my last post or on instagram but I thought I'd put on a close up so you can see them properly :) I was completely inspired by Dixi's blogpost- they look SO much better than mine. Used an old liquid eye liner to do the specks, I'm not very good with nail art pens yet ha. 

Ohhh I got given another award :)  Ellen from Ellen-Atlanta has given me the Creative Blog Award  :) her blog is soo good and she's got the best style! Thank youuuuuuu  

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nobody's Perfect

shirt & leather leggings: charity shop
vans: schuh, casio: asos, ring: dixi
necklace, bracelet & deer ring: primark
nails: models own- red red wine & barry m- matte white

My shirt and leggings came from the oh so wonderful Reading charity shops, such bargains :) I shop mostly in charity shops but somehow still manage to have no money, ever. As a result of this my weekend has been spent doing things which don't cost a lot, wandering round quiet towns and country parks. Although we had to get out of the rain on Saturday so I splashed out on a cheeky costa; and these quiet towns had a few charity shops so I picked up a new tee, a gorgeous cross bracelet and some interesting looking velvet trousers (they have stirrups!!) which are going to make the best shorts, all for £8. How could I resist?! Think I'm going to spend the evening in bed watching rubbish tv because all the fresh air and saving money has really taken it out of me, I'm shattered, aha. 

Friday, 17 February 2012


Since getting an iPhone I have realised I absolutely adore instagram (@yasminnjade), so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and share some of my pictures from the last month. Have a lovely weekend :)

1) DIY shorts, here  2) old pictures I found  3) triangle<3  4) espresso martini  5) my tidy room 
6) cross keys  7) chocaspoon  8) friday night fat night  9) nails  10) DIY cross tee, here  
11) reading charity shops  12) GOSH nail glitter  13) snow  14) charity bargain  
15) DIY studded shorts, here  16) bowler :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Don't Tell Me

shirt: batoko, shorts: DIY, vans: schuh
cross ring: boutique73, other rings: peaches and nothing
nails: models own- in the navy

The quality of these pictures is upsetting me, forgot my slr when I went to Bournemouth on the weekend and I haven't used my old camera for a blog post in a while... annoying. 

I wore my DIY shorts (here) and this shirt that a couple of the girls bought this for my birthday, it's from Batoko and it's amazing, teamed it with my vans which are no longer looking this clean :( and some seriously ripped tights because they'd have looked like that by the end of the night regardless aha; also painted my nails to match. 

I've got to do a presentation at work next week and I think I'm going to do it on my blog/ the blogging world. I want to make it interesting - any ideas of what things I could include to make it really good? I have a knack of making even the most interesting subjects sound boring!!

Foxes - Youth: adventure club remix, check it outttt. I have this song on constant repeat at the moment. The lovely Paige from Ginger Snap gave me the Liebster Blog Award, two awards in one week, I feel loved. Thanks Paige :) Room is successfully tidied and hoovered, early to bed for meeee.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Who Knows...

Ahh you might have noticed that I have a new header!! I gave my friend Lucy the task of creating something for me as I seriously lack creative skills and here it is. I say here it is she actually created about 8 for me to choose from, such a babe. For those of you that use tumblr you should check out hers, cocoa blush, she posts some really gorgeous photos and I'm completely addicted to it.

These are just some nails I did the other week after work bored, you might have already seen them if you follow me on instagram... and if you don't then it's @yasminnjade :)

Another busy week at work ahead I'm phone interviewing applicants this week, exciting! Feels like I've only just got there and already I'm finding my replacement... time has honestly never gone by this fast. Bedlam was amazing in Bournemouth, the O2 academy is an old opera house and such an amazing venue- I'd definitely go again!

Also I'd like to say a massive thank you to Mikaila, The Fashion Launderette, for giving me the Liebster Blog Award- she said the loveliest things about me and my blog!! I've just realised that she's a friend of a friend from back home too and I didn't know she had a blog- it's strange who you stumble across in the blogging world. Get on over to her blog she's got such gorgeous style... check her out!!

Happy Valentines day for tomorrow :)

Friday, 10 February 2012


snakeskin skirt: primark, tee: mens, primark
earring: topshop, keyhole necklace: vintage
robot pendant: peaches and nothing, rings: primark
boots: newlook, hat: h&m

So I thought I'd be a good blogger and take pictures when it snowed last weekend... I went outside and my neighbours had decided to hop into my garden through the night, and use ALL of my snow to make a headless snowman surrounded by vodka bottles. So odd! It snowed again last night and it's settled everywhere, (except the roads, thank you!!!!) it looks so lovely- shame I'm at work and can't go and play :( I actually just want to go for a walk and take in the wintery goodness. Not fair. On the brightside I'm off to Bournemouth tomorrow for Bedlam, I could not be more excited, andy c... flux... netsky... youngman... phaeleh. YES PLEASE. Really looking forward to going to a different venue too. Although apparently I have £30 to last me the month? Brilliant. I don't know how I manage to be so useless with money.

I have my house sorted for Bristol next year, actually cannot contain my happiness. It actually feels like I am going back now. YAY. Not looking forward to third year though, so much work and a 15 thousand word dissertation to write, ergh.

It's also become clear that I have a snakeskin obsession- I must buy some leggings asap, finally bought a hat too it was from h&m, thanks for the heads up Amy :) 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Studded Dreams

I picked up these brilliantly hideous jeans from a charity shop on the weekend for £4, first thing that came to mind, 'yay new high waisted shorts'. I tend to always wear Levis and thought these would be a bit different, they're a darker denim than all my other shorts too. Originally I was going to leave them plain but I was a little bored this evening and decided to stud them, had just enough studs left to go all the way round. Successfully transformed! Can't wait to wear them :) 

Apologies for my gross carpet, it makes the pictures look horrible!


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Leopard Print Truth

jacket: charity shop, top: primark, leggings: h&m, 
boots: new look, owl ring: dixi, knuckle ring: primark
bracelet and broach: vintage, casio: asos, earring: topshop
nails: gold gosh nail glitter

Thought I'd venture outside to take pictures this weekend, the lighting is so much better. I may drag myself down to my garden more often aha, although I was freezing and getting slightly blown away in the first picture hence the face. I bought this jacket a while back from a charity shop in Bristol and have only just got round to wearing it, for some reason I tend to buy clothes and not wear them till a few months later. Finally bought some 'leather-look' leggings- picked these up last weekend for £14.99 at h&m, not bad. Then, when I was browsing through the charity shops in Reading yesterday (which are amazing by the way, I got so many good items!) I found a pair of leggings which are leather at the front and normal at the back for only £4 in my size!! Now I have two pairs :) Wanted to show off my lovely elephant broach that was given to me for Christmas too, although I managed to hide it in practically every photo. My friend thought it was Vivienne Westwood from a distance, it's so quirky and unique.

This weekend was very chilled, it consisted of the gym, charity shops, pizza, red wine and chocolate... preparation for my busy week ahead with work in London and Bedlam in Bournemouth- I finally get to see Phaeleh yayy.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Crossed Velvet

cross tee: DIY here, leggings: topshop
cross ring: boutique73, anchor bracelet & fake litas: eBay

I've made two pretty important decisions today, 1) I will buy a bowler no matter what the cost, and, 2) I must have a pair of allegra boots NOW!! I completely blame Katy for the latter so I'm sending my angry bank balance her way... I'm also stressing a lot right now, house hunting for somewhere to live in Bristol when you work full time in Reading is not cool, my lovely housemates-to-be are doing a lush job of it though and basically my house is going to be a surprise for the day I move in!! I have complete faith they'll pick a beaut ( with a big enough room for me and ridiculous amount of things aha) and I guess it makes it a bit more exciting :) 

I can't believed I haven't blogged about my velvet leggings yet, they were in the Topshop sale for £12, I literally live in them I love them soo much. Picked up this 'bracelet' off eBay the other day, it's actually a necklace and I was expecting, well, bigger things from it. The chain's quite short and the pendant is tiny but it's still rather cute and works wonders as a bracelet aha. Finally my DIY cross tee, some of the studs fell out whilst wearing it but I had a few left over so I just re-studded it after use, don't know how it'll bear up in the wash though.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


After seeing Sabrina's review on GOSH Nail Glitter a while back I've been meaning to try it out and I finally have. Basically you just paint your nail a base colour, I used Models Own Nude, and dip your nail into the glitter while the polish is still wet. Then, use a small make-up brush to remove excess glitter and you're done. I love the effect as it's totally different to glitter polish and is really easy to do. However as you can see from the pictures it's extremely messy there's glitter everywhere in my room now aha. I also noticed that Sabrina has a handy hint of how to remove glitter from nails easily, we all know it's a complete pain so check it out here.