Friday, 30 March 2012

Disco Disco

tee: urban outfitters, disco pants: american apparel 

Firstly I am aware my outfit in this post is incredibly cheesy and secondly yes I did run around singing 'disco disco disco disco' when I first put it on haha- I blame the sun and the fact I was super excited about going to the Rusko album launch :) So as you can see I finally received my disco pants, after ordering them from eBay for £50 including postage I thought I had a right bargain but two weeks later when they finally get delivered to me I had to pay another £16!! For custom charges and a holding fee- should've just gone in to the store. Found this tee under a pile of clothes the other week another item I forgot about, it's pretty on trend with the pastel colours so I'm glad I've rediscovered it! Still haven't had my hair dyed, don't know when I'm going to have time but these pictures have proved that it needs it... now!! 

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

BlackMilk Galaxy

leggings: blackmilk clothing, top: topshop, vans: schuch, rings: dixi & peaches and nothing, pendant: charity shop

Yesssss, I have blue BlackMilk galaxy print on my legs!!! Unfortunately they aren't mine... my friend got these the other day and let me photograph them. I know we've all been raving about BlackMilk for a while and I've been putting off making any purchases because of the price tag, buttt after seeing these in the flesh I definitely think they're worth the £50. I know more shops are starting to sell galaxy and cosmic prints now (Topshop being one) and although their items are nice they I just don't think they compare to the BlackMilk designs. Ah, I'm so in love- I think I'll definitely buy some BlackMilk in the near future, they have such amazing clothing and their instagram has me swooning over them on a daily basis.

I found this cute pendant in a charity shop for a few quid the other weekend, I think it's really quirky and unique (all the best jewellery is); the other side has a completely different design too which means I can mix it up a little aha. Also took a picture to show you my first attempt at aztec nails, I think I'll do them again soon when I get the time- really wish I was better at nail art. I'm spending the next few days in London with work, hopefully I'll get to finish early and enjoy the sunshine a little.

PS-  I know it looks like I have the biggest bum in the world in the left hand picture aha but I wanted to put one up that showed how detailed the design is. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pastel Infusion

Here are some nails I did the other weekend- I decided summery nails were on the cards so I did a pastel design, I'm really loving pastel everything at the moment. I definitely want some jeans and maybe a blazer for the office. How nice was the weather this weekend?! Not appreciating being in the office today I want to go and make the most of the sunshine! Had yesterday off and it was so nice, chilling in the sun and BBQing it up, I'm going to be upset if it doesn't stay like this forever aha.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Butterfly Effect

top: primark, denim gillet: dutty, skirt: h&m, chelsea boots: topshop, rings: eBay & dixi, brooch: vintage

Spending a long weekend in Bristol, I've got to work next saturday so I get monday off which is bliss... it means I wont feel too bad about spending the whole of tomorrow in bed after tonight. I'm off to the Rusko album launch at Motion and I can't wait, the line-up is too amazing and it feels like forever since I've been to Motion; in reality it's only been two months but it feels like such a long time aha.

I've been booking up all my festivals for the year recently (love saves the daybeach breakglobal gathering & outlook so far), not sure if any of you are going to any festivals but if you plan on going to beach break, please buy your ticket through my link  here, I'm a rep this year :) they're putting on a hospital records night- how good?! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend in the sun.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Pencilled Velvet

I bought this pencil skirt a while ago from a charity shop in Reading, I fell in love with the colour and although I knew I'd never wear it as it was who can say no to another bodycon skirt right? So last weekend I finally got round to customising it and for once I didn't completely ruin it/ cut it too short :)

I used the slit at the back to judge what length to make it (a little longer than I wanted it) and marked on where to cut, I then cut all the way around and pinned it up. Originally I planned to use hemming web to do this but it was actually just as easy to put a few stitches in- I tried to make sure minimal stitching was visible on the outside. 

I can't wait to wear it out properly, here's the finished result: 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ethical Beauty

shirt & trousers: charity shop, brooch: vintage, shoes and belt: primark, rings: peaches and nothing & sisters

I took my velvet trousers home with every intention of customising them into a pair of shorts; but when I tried them on with this shirt I had second thoughts- so the 'DIYing' of these has been postponed, I probably will make them into shorts when I get bored of wearing them aha. Absolutely adore this shirt, another charity shop buy; it's really long so will look cute over some denim shorts in the summer as an almost dress. This is the first time I've worn my hair in a side parting in a while and my shaved bit is really too long to do it now... I just want it to grow back! Oh, I'm definitely wearing my 11 year old sisters shoes here, she's such a babe- she took these pictures for me too bless her.

Most of you will already know but thought I'd mention it just in case you don't: Motel are having a sample sale on thursday and friday this week from 10-7 in London at the Motel show room and with items from just £3!! This is when working full time drives me insane as I can't get to it, contemplated working in the London office and popping over on my lunch/ after I finish but I just don't have any money until pay day and with electricity bills of £79 to pay I am on a shopping ban. Only for another 8 days though ;)

I'm entering the ethical outfit competition over at the Ethical Fashion Blog I think it's such a good idea for a competition for us to show off our vintage pieces. I've chosen this outfit because I absolutely adore it, my velvet trousers & shirt were £4 each from charity shops and the brooch was a vintage gift. Hope you like my entry and go and enter yourselves... you have until the end of the 31st of March to get your entry in!!

Monday, 19 March 2012


These are some nails that I did the other weekend and they were completely inspired by Kristy's amazing Cath Kidston nails, they are nowhere near as good but actually quite easy to do so I'll definitely be doing them more often. I haven't turned my computer on all weekend and it's actually been quite nice, but I will be catching up on all of your blogs during the week I've missed SO much!!

Now to announce the lucky winners of my giveaway...

Congratulations to Katharine & NaThalia you've both got a $30 voucher for Unestablish on it's way to you, I'll email you with the details now :) :)

Friday, 16 March 2012


tee: oasis, levis, belt & shirt: vintage, boots: primark, jewellery: mixture of vintage, dixi & bs8.

Firstly I need to apologise for how much of a bad blogger I have been this week, work has been mental. Secondly I'm actually chuckling at how owl'y my post is; I had no plans for my background to match my jewellery- but as we were strolling down Gloucester Road last weekend I actually couldn't resist taking my photos here, although I got a few funny stares. Not entirely sure what my thoughts were behind this outfit I just threw a few random bits on in a rush and headed out into the sunshine... studded my levis spur of the moment the night before and stole a shirt on the way out of the door, tactical aha.

I'm home for the first time this year and so excited about it, I have a weekend of family gatherings, DIYs and hunting for vintage bargains ahead of me; plus catching up with as many friends as I can- it's been too long!!

You have until midnight to enter my giveaway to win a $30 voucher for Unestablish, don't miss out!! 

Sunday, 11 March 2012


nails: models own purple ash & purple grey, rimmel matte effect

Many of you will of seen these over at Katy's blog earlier in the week but I'd thought I'd share them for those who haven't- here's my first attempt at ombré nails; I want to do them again properly when I get the time- look for a youtube tutorial if you want to try them out, it was pretty simple :)

Just a quick post today, had such a lovely weekend in sunny Bristol it's really given me a taste for summer, I want BBQs and to chill ar St Andrews with a fruit cider... now!! Hiring my replacement tomorrow, I get to meet the new me- exciting!! It's definitely time for bed- goodnight, hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway- it closes on Friday!! 

Friday, 9 March 2012

Turn off the lights

snakeskin top & faux leather leggings: h&m
denim gilet: vintage at dutty, boots: newlook
watch pendant: peaches & nothing, 
rings: dixi & primark, bracelet: charity shop

It's Friday :) too exciting- off to Bristol this afternoon. I've had such a busy week as per, work and the gym is literally taking over my life. It's also hit me that I actually only have two months until I climb the three biggest mountains in the UK in 24 hours!! What was I thinking signing up for this?! Beginning to question my sanity... It's all in the name of charity though :) and if you want to sponsor me please do so via my Just Giving Link

This is what I wore to LDN Lunch, so many of you will have already seen this outfit aha, these pictures have concreted the fact that I need to dye my hair, I have awful roots! I'm in love with my snakeskin top- I want the leggings too... but you can't have it all and I'm on a budget. I do not want to be living off philadelphia sandwiches for the last two weeks of the month again. The lovely Katy asked me to guest on her blog this week whilst she's meant to be packing for her big move, I say meant as all she's really doing is taking pictures of herself in geek glasses and playing with Schmidt ;) feel free to check out my post.

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


To celebrate reaching 200 followers Unestablish have offered me 2 x $30 gift vouchers (keeping it in euros to make it easier) to give to my followers, so excited about getting the chance to offer you all a giveaway as I know I've entered so many of yours! Unestablish are an online store selling a range of gorgeous brands for men and women, including a rather amazing jewellery range. I've chosen some items from their newest brands: keepsake; the label & finders keepers to show you, check out the guys tees too:

Now for the terms and conditions, to enter:

- Be a follower of my blog via GFC

- Sign up to the Unestablish Mailing List 

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For an extra entry tweet something along the lines of 'enter @yasminnjade's give away to win a voucher for @Unestablish here:'

Comment below leaving your twitter, email address and any extra entries; this competition will close on Friday the 16th of March at midnight, I'll choose the winners using and announce them shortly after, good luckkkk :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Instalove #2

1) strawberry nails 2) valentines present (cheap frills) 3) vanilla latte 4) country stroll 5) £2 charity bargain 6) big hair 7) charity cupcake 8) clouds (inspired by the lovecats INC) 9) galaxy & disco pants 10) eagle 11) UKF 12) #thechallenge 13) drunk times 14) outifttt 15) hey socks 16) Chloe & Katherine

@yasminnjade ;) 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Waiting For Your Call

I'm a little bit very excited about the fact I'm only a few followers away from 200!! I find it pretty surreal (and flattering) that that many people are interested in reading my blog :) a massive thank you to every one, also to Georgina from Yours sincerely, Gigi who wrote some lovely things about my blog on her page♥ On another happy note I won Lucy from Champagne Diamond's tumblr competition and I have an amazing pair of lacy levis on their way to me. I've never won anything before can't wait to wear them, they're gorgeous.

I went to LDN Lunch yesterday which was soo much fun, I thought I'd be really nervous and go all shy but everyone was so lovely that we just chatted away for hours like we'd been friends for ages! I got to meet some amazing girls... Katy, Vicky, Chloe, Lois, Daisy... the list goes on! Lots of the girls were snapping away so I'm sure they'll be posts galore with pictures from the day, keep your eyes peeled. I then went out in Reading with Chloe and got to meet the lovely Katherine who lives about a 10 minutes walk from mine (I had no idea) It was such a laugh and lovely to get very drunk with fellow bloggers.

leggings: american apparel, 
tee: primark, vans: schuh

Thought I'd post my outfit from UKF on Saturday, I had a very american apparel-esque weekend last weekend and again it was borrowed goods aha; my friend let me borrow these amazing red leggings. Sorry for the lack of pictures- my camera ran out of battery as they were being taken! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend; I'm staying in bed all day today catching up on blogs and desperate housewives because the weather is horrible :(

Friday, 2 March 2012

When The Rain Is Gone

faux leather leggings & hoody: h&m, 
shirt & boots: topshop, hat & socks: primark
keyhole necklace: vintage, robot pendant: peaches & nothing

So I'm off to LDN Lunch tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it, I was on the waiting list and honestly didn't think a space would free up; but on Sunday Eloise tweeted me and Chloe asking us if we wanted to go!  So tomorrow I finally get to meet up with Chloe (and have a cheeky night out in Reading after) and the lovely Katy and Vicky who are meeting me at the station :) we've already discussed how bad we are at recognising people and with my bad eyesight it'll probably take us a while to find each other- hmm maybe we need a designated meeting point aha. I still don't know what I'm wearing... would it be awful to just wear these leggings?! Queue the wardrobe raid!!

On a separate note my housemate-to-be is in the video for 'when the rain is gone' by Adam F (hence the post name!) If you have a look she's the one with the short dark hair, how exciting! She's also on the cover of Hair Ideas at the moment too, basically a celebrity aha :)