Monday, 30 April 2012

Zig Zag

barry m: blueberry icecream & berry icecream

Here's my nails from the weekend, I went for pastel colours to try and remind myself that summer is just around the corner despite the awful weather!! 

Apologies for my lack of posting again this past week I've been busy at home with my sisters birthday and 3 Peaks training- it's come round so quickly, I start the climb of the first mountain on Sunday at 5am... I am literally sh*tting myself. I'm all prepared though and have lots of energising food (the girl in Tesco's must have thought I was a right fatty when all I bought was chocolate, sweets and flapjacks aha), and all my walking gear; most of which is borrowed, but I did buy myself my first fleece this weekend and... a headtorch, well cool ;) 

On the plus side I've raised £465 so far which is amazing (you can still sponsor me if you like I plan to do pretty 3 Peaks nails to cheer me up on the mountains and at the request of a friend 'you can do it, put your ass into it' is going on my iPod playlist to motivate me ha. 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lavish Spark

shirt: cow vintage, skirt: c/o Lavish Alice via Kristy's giveaway, boots: c/o Spartoo via Ceri's ethical outfit competition, amethyst pendant c/o Wired Jewellery via Vicky's giveaway

As you can tell I'm wearing lots of my lovely winnings in this post, I've had the best luck recently and got some amazing new items from some fab brands and lovely lades; just want to say thank you so much you've made me a seriously happy pup.

This gorgeous skirt was courtesy of Lavish Alice through Kristy's blog giveaway a while back. Lavish Alice is a brand which has really kicked off recently, I hadn't heard of it before Kristy's post but since then they seem to be everywhere. They're currently all over my twitter feed with a giveaway when they reach 4000 followers so go and like them :) (@lavishalice)- they have beautiful clothes and their items are really cheap- I bought some american flag leggings from them the other day and they are amazing, they're pretty out there but still amazing! Studded a black tee to wear with them so hopefully I'll get the chance this weekend. Queue people in the street giving me funny looks aha...

My boots came from Spartoo; I won a £100 shoes voucher in the Style Eye's ethical outfit competition and these are one of the pairs of shoes I got. Unfortunately for me being a size 4 all of the pairs I liked were out of stock :( story of my life. But with my mum and sisters birthday on the horizon I bought them a pair of shoes each, mum a pair of Roxy flip flops because she likes to be all surfery in the summer and my sister the cutest pair of brouges which were way too girly for me but I'm sure she'll love. The range of shoes on the site is really good - literally had every type of shoe possible!

Finally you've all already seen my necklace from Wired Jewellery; it's just so pretty I love it and it's really spurred on a liking for amethyst/ crystal type jewellery now- I'm turning into Vicky

Friday is dedicated to catching up on all your lovely blogs, well that and laser tag for my sisters birthday!! I'm like a big kid. PS word on the street is that KatyAmy and Leigh are going to be doing PJ naked posts soon, so keep an eye out for those ;) PPS these pictures were took at my mum's friends house, what a front door - not only do they have puppies and horses... they live here!!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Hunger Games

levis shirt: charity shop, peace crop: topshop, disco pants: american apparel, shoes and earring: eBay, fox ring: cheap frills, stone ring: peaches and nothing

Wore this outfit on a night out a couple of weekends ago in Cheltenham- although I've had my peace crop for ages this is the the first time I've worn it. I completely fell in love with it in the shop but have found it impossible to wear it with anything without feeling too naked. Even with the disco pants being so high waisted I felt a tad too exposed for 2 Pigs (maybe that combo on its own will work for a Motion night) so I threw on my ridiculously oversized levis shirt to cover up some skin aha.

Apologies for this extremely delayed blogpost, I had a work event at the end of last week and then spent a few days in Bristol; had an amazing massage which was bought for my birthday, drank lots, ate really good food and went tie dye crazy. If you follow me on twitter/ insta (yasminnjade) you'll know that yesterday I spent my day being a right country bumpkin- I did a 10 mile walk (3 peaks training... it's less than 2 weeks away f**kkk) played with puppies and went out for a (horse) ride with my mum; leaving me completely exhausted and achey aha.

Ooh when I went into Motel on Saturday they had literally everything reduced and some really nice things in there- if you live in Bristol go and check it out :)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Give as you Live

My beautiful amethyst necklace that I won in Vicky's giveaway arrived this week (how cute is the note<3); it's so amazing that I had to post a picture of it immediately. Definitely going to wear it this weekend, don't think I'll ever be able to take it off aha. I'm sure you all follow Vicky already... (if you don't then get over to her blog, she finds the most amazing jewellery EVER, fact.) but for those of you who don't know she hosted this giveaway (along with 4 other items) on behalf of Wired Jewellery; their jewellery ranges from gorgeous gemstones like this to quirky crosses, skulls and above the knuckle rings. 

Last week I raised money buying a few basics from Topshop and guest posted for the Give as you Live blog here after Jess told me about it; so I thought I'd share this with you for the charitable amongst you; think 'raise money for charity' and 'online shopping' in once sentence...

Give as you Live is an online shopping tool working in collaboration with over 1000 stores, including Topshop, Urban Outfitters & Office. All you have to do is carry out your usual online shopping through the tool and these stores will donate a % of what you spend with them to you charity of your choice with no extra cost to you. In my eyes Give as you Live offers guilt free shopping and an effortless way to give to charity- amazing!! Being a major fan of charity shops, it's good to know that the bigger stores are getting involved in raising money for those who need it.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Colourful Emotions

When my acid wash nails started chipping I really didn't want to get rid of the design, so I had the idea to pop another colour on top and do the whole cotton bud removing all over again. I actually loved the way it turned out - I couldn't stop staring at my nails all day aha. It's just as easy to add another layer, you don't have to be creative in the slightest and looks so cool.

This weekend has been such a chilled one- lots of tv and exercise; I walked to and from the gym yesterday (about an hour each way) and did an whilst hour there, not sure what's got into me. Maybe the fact that this time in 3 weeks I will be up a mountain or travelling to one of the three I'm doing in 24 hours. Arghhh.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

True Blue

blazer: charity shop, boots: new look, shorts: champagne diamond, shirt: the dandelion, belt: h&m

Roped my little sister into taking my photos again this weekend bless her, she's getting good at it aha. It was so funny, I hadn't seen her that morning yet and when I went downstairs we were both wearing denim shorts with lace trimming and blue shirts. Her shirt had the shoulders cut out too- so yes it's official, not only do me and my 11 year old sister have a similar wardrobe... she's actually cooler than me. 

My beautiful levis came from the lovely Lucy at Champagne Diamond, I won these through her competition on tumblr along with the earring I'm wearing. They are amazing. They fit perfectly which is rare for levis you've tried on beforehand, let alone ones you haven't; the lace trim she's sewn on has gorgeous flower detailing which make them perfect for summer too. She sells these for £20 which I think is ridiculously cheap as it can be hard to find plain levis on eBay for less... I'm so tempted to buy her cat print ones but I officially own too many shorts- 6 of which are levis. Is a 7th pair a little too much?

Tried my hand at popping some collar tips on my shirt and I've done a ridiculously bad job, the ones I bought from eBay are at a right angle which means a normal shirt collar doesn't actually fit. I managed to get them on by folding over the corners but it doesn't look brilliant. Do all collar tips fit like this? 

Apologies for being a bad blogger of late, life appears to be taking over a little. & I am still without a phone which is driving me insaneeee but I should be shiny new iPhone tomorrow- yay.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Acid Wash

barry m: matte white & bright purple

A while back Vicky posted her acid wash nails here, and I've wanted to do it to ever since- basically you paint your nails one colour, then go over it with another once that's dry. Then, with a cotton bud and nail polish remover you rub off sections of the top layer. This design definitely looks better in real life, didn't get a chance to photograph these in the daylight to show them off properly but I'm sure I'll do them again. I'll try and get a picture of my new tattoo soon, I'm so happy with it even if my right leg is currently at least 2 dress sizes bigger than the other because of the swelling aha.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Silver Silk

shirt: vintage at the dandelion, belt: vintage, levis: vintage at motel

Quick outfit post of what I wore in the sunshine last weekend mainly to show off my shirt, ignore the pasty pins if you can- this shirt was £2 from The Dandelion in Gloucester, such a bargain. It looks great with everything its so versatile and it was so cheap for a vintage buy. 

Yay short week because of Easter! I'm off to be tattooed on Friday at The Painted Lady, cannot wait. It's been far too long since my last tattoo... I'm going with my friend and then spending the day in Birmingham shopping and whatnot. I'll post pictures as soon as my leg isn't the size of a house due to swelling aha, I would say go for a sneak peak on my insta (@yasminnjade) buttt I had my phone stolen on the tube on Thursday and I haven't got my new one yet, my iPod is sufficing for now although it doesn't have a camera :(

Monday, 2 April 2012

Island Escape

barry m: blueberry icecream & spring green

Here's my second attempt at ombré nails, I think I'm getting better(ish) aha. Had a really good day, I found out that I won the Style Eyes ethical outfit competition, I came first!! Can't believe it I'm so happy :) the competition was such a good idea and all the outfits were amazing so go and check them out. I won a £100 voucher for can't wait to spend it, another pair of vans are definitely on the cards ahh yay. 

In other good news Alix from I Covet Thee just tweeted me to let me know I won her 1000 follower giveaway and have a set of The Real Techniques Core Collection brushes on their way to me. I never spend a lot of money on these things so my skin is in for a right treat. I recently found Alix's blog and have fallen in love with it, its the perfect mix of outfit and beauty posts, so if you're not already an I Covet Thee follower get on over there and check it out. Thanks Alix!! 

I was going to wait until I received this but I just can't believe I keep winning things so I have to tell you now aha, the other week I won the lovely Kristy's giveaway over at Smug Pug Sunday and won this gorgeous skirt from Lavish Alice (she's also made me fall in love with this store and my bank balance is definitely suffering); and I think I mentioned that I won Lucy's competition to win a beautiful pair of lacy levis, she's making some amazing things over at Champagne Diamond at the moment, there's cat print everywhere and I love it. I'd never won anything before this and at the moment I feel like I'm on a roll, too happy.