Thursday, 23 August 2012

Krooked Camo

camo jacket: topshop, skirt & headband: h&m, boots: primark, top: vintage - the dandelion, bag: charity shop

Firstly, congratulations to Helen who won my Raspberrygrape giveaway- hope you like your body chain (so jealous); and thank you to every one who entered.

Waah camo jacket, hello. I know you can pick these up for super cheap, (Hayley got hers for £1 from a carboot sale, amazing) but I couldn't wait to find a bargain and bought this from Topshop£43.20 with student discount, I did resist the studded one though, which was identical but an extra £10 for a few studs... 
I love the camo trend and although every person and their dogs (...yes dogs) are now wearing it I'm happily jumping on the bandwagon and embracing it fully, camowhore.

I'm in love with this bag, I picked it up at a charity shop in Monmouth over a year ago, it's Russell & Bromley and only cost a few pound! Unfortunately I've used it so much that it's dying now :( 
Apparently I went for an extremely classy look here, battered bag, ripped tights and chipped nails... I've let myself go aha.

This is my last post for a while now, I finish my placement tomorrow meaning I'm laptopless until further notice and am off on holiday Monday- Venice and then Croatia for Outlook festival!!!!!!!!
 I'm literally too excited for words, Phaeleh on a boat... in Croatia... ahhhhhhhhhhh.
I'll be back soon :)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Golden Flicker

top: charity shop, disco shorts: glamorous, headband: h&m, jewellery: miss selfridge

 I couldn't resist buying the pewter disco shorts from Glamorous the other week, at under half the price of the ones form AA how can you say no?-  as far as dupes go I think these are look really similar in look and fit (yes these show off your entire bum too!!), the main difference I noticed was in the material, these are a lot silkier and less stiff. Personally I think they are a great dupe and the value for money is great- especially with 20% off (GLAMOROUS20). I'm a little too scared to wear them without tights at the moment in this country but I'm off to Croatia next week and think it's definitely going to be acceptable to wear them tight-free out there.

Apologies for the over the top mix of gold and silver in this post, my top (charity shop find £3!!!) has both colours in so I thought I would embrace it for my whole outfit. Also, I'm wearing a headband for probably the first time ever! I decided it was time I started wearing them and even though I don't think they really suit me I am going to persevere until I like them on me...

Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win a Raspberrygrape item of your choice, it ends tomorrow at midnight- you can enter here.  

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Raspberrygrape Giveaway

Waaah I have reached 400 followers on my blog and to thank you guys I'm running a Raspberrygrape Giveaway!! Lauren is an absolute babe and has offered to let the winner of this giveaway choose an item of their choice from her site! I'm soo jealous, I want to enter, I think I'd choose the body chain that is coming to her site this week, I would never normally think of wearing a body chain but after seeing how Lauren styled it in her post I'm definitely swayed.

All you have to do to enter is:
-  be a follower of this blog via GFC
-  'like' the Raspberrygrape Facebook page
-  follow Raspberrygrape on Twitter

Leave a comment below with your email/ twitter for me to contact you if you win 
and a link to the item you would like to win.

For an extra entry tweet: 

& leave a separate comment with the link to your tweet.

The giveaway will end at midnight on Wednesday the 22nd of August, good luckkkkk :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Back Homee

I've noticed recently that lots of the girls from home have blogs and I thought I'd share them with you :) I love reading my friends blogs, when you know someone in person you can imagine the tone etc that they're writing in. Of course my opinion on them would be biased sooo I thought I'd let them to sum up their blogs for you- they're all so different and definitely worth checking out.

Emma from What's Up Buttercup? says: 
I blog about my life and things I love. It's great to be a part of an online community and also track memories online so I have something to look back on. Getting the occasional freebie makes it worthwhile :)

Jess from Hello Savage says: 
I blog at work so Hello Savage is my personal space to speak about what I want- my little online home, where I keep all the things I find on my journey around the internet. 

Lucie from L is for Lucie says: 
I think too much; so I use my blog as a platform to express my opinions on many different topics from current affairs, religion, science and politics, to celebrity culture and fashion. It's basically a way for me to let out my rantings in order to spare my friends and family from having to humour me!

Jess from Big Girls Blouse says: 
I want to create a beautiful world full of all that i feel, think, learn and love.

Monday, 6 August 2012

August's Most Wanted

It's been a while since I've done one of these mainly because I try not to spend too much time browsing online stores as it results on my bank balance diving deeper and deeper into the red... but with Outlook coming up I decided to spend some time last night looking for holiday clothes. Instead I ended up with this. (Note this is why making wishlists is so dangerous, now I want double the amount of clothes I originally wanted!!) None of these items are very holiday'y at all and in truth I couldn't find anything summery I really liked, I couldn't even find a bikini to tick all the right boxes- I think I'm going to have to pop into town some time soon to get my holiday bits. 

So here's a few items I definitely do not need but really really want: 

I love everything BlackMilk and although this carries a pretty expensive price tag it's a spaceman on a swimsuit... need I say more? This is one of the items I'm telling myself not to buy as it's such a statement piece I doubt I'd get that much wear out of it, however their swimsuit range is amazing and I'm on the lookout for cheap dupes, let me know if you know of any!

2. Mia Twisted Rainbow Stacking Rings - Dixi - £6
These rings are part of the new store update over at Dixi and, they're so simple but the colours in them give them a really interesting edge.

3. Crosses Collar Tips - Topshop - £8.50
I saw this on a instagram the other day and then stumbled across it on the Topsop site, meant to be? I love cross jewellery and this is really different, it's amazing.

4. Rebel At Heart Sterling Silver Bracelet - Thomas Sabo - £119
I'm not one for expensive jewellery at all- the most expensive item I own would have definitely cost less than a £10er. However, the other day I was browsing the Thomas Sabo site and found this, it's really different to the other silver bracelets on there and much more my style. I would never fork out £119 for a bracelet for myself but thought I'd share it with you as I think it's really quirky and unique.

5. Ombre Pink Shirt - Topshop 
They've actually taken this off the site since yesterday(?!) but I like it so much that I thought I'd still share it with you, pink's not usually a colour I go for but this has totally won me over. It would look perfect with a pair of levis, some studded boots and a spiked headband- they have a similar design here for £45.

6. Beneath My Bones Silver Bracelet - Dixi - £7
How good is Dixi's store update?! So good. I need this bracelet, any jewellery with skulls, skeletons or bones incorporated is an immediate must have. I also love the gold version, on the site the model's wearing them both together and I think it's made me want both so I can do the same! Uh ohh.

7. Black Disco Shorts - Glamorous - £22.99 (18.39 with discount code GLAMOROUS20)
I really had to stop myself from buying a pair of AA disco shorts and I am so glad I did because these are so much cheaper! I've seen good reviews about the Glamorous disco dupes so far and these are going in my basket this evening. But I'm stuck on whether to get black or pewter?! Helpppp.

8. Boston Set of 2 Cuff Braclets - Dixi - £12
I've been looking for a silver cuff everywhere and Dixi now do a set of 2 for £12- fantastic. 

These boots are shoe heaven, I need to have them in my life - platform Chelsea boots look perfect with any outfit and can be worn casually and on nights out. Some one buy me them pleaseeeeee? :)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wildest Moments

tee: friends, shorts: diy, jacket: charity shop, pendant: dutty, boots: primark

Guilty of wearing these shorts again, when I find something that's been missing for ages I wonder how I ever lived without it... can't take them off now! I'm also wearing my friends tee here which she definitely doesn't know about until now so sorry Carla!! I love oversized tee's and I'm not sure where she got this from but it's perfect to throw on to keep a look casual.

I'm moving out of my house on Saturday which is going to be ridiculously stressful, ahh so much cleaning and packing- I have no idea how I've accumulated so much stuff over the year... I keep putting it off and doing little bits but there's no excuses now- tonight I'm going to blast some Skrillex, pretend I'm back at Global Gathering and cleaannnnn. As soon as my friend puts the pictures up I shall do a festivally post and tell you all about it :)

Talking of festivals, Stephanie from Stephanie Dreams went along to Camp Bestival as a sponsored blogger this weekend, she's taken some lovely pictures it looks like the cutest festival ever- check out her post here.

PS - you have to all go and listen to Jessie Ware - Wildest Moments if you haven't already. Loveeeeee.