Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Golden Flicker

top: charity shop, disco shorts: glamorous, headband: h&m, jewellery: miss selfridge

 I couldn't resist buying the pewter disco shorts from Glamorous the other week, at under half the price of the ones form AA how can you say no?-  as far as dupes go I think these are look really similar in look and fit (yes these show off your entire bum too!!), the main difference I noticed was in the material, these are a lot silkier and less stiff. Personally I think they are a great dupe and the value for money is great- especially with 20% off (GLAMOROUS20). I'm a little too scared to wear them without tights at the moment in this country but I'm off to Croatia next week and think it's definitely going to be acceptable to wear them tight-free out there.

Apologies for the over the top mix of gold and silver in this post, my top (charity shop find £3!!!) has both colours in so I thought I would embrace it for my whole outfit. Also, I'm wearing a headband for probably the first time ever! I decided it was time I started wearing them and even though I don't think they really suit me I am going to persevere until I like them on me...

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  1. I hadn't even noticed the mix of gold and silver haha. The shorts look great on you too. I have the Glamourous disco trousers and I have just swapped them in and sent my AA disco pants back. That is how much I like them and think they are a great dupe. xx


  2. I think I'm going to have to buy them, they look so nice on you! X


  3. Love this outfit! And very jealous of you going to Croatia, its lovely there!!


  4. looove the top, it looks great with the disco shorts.

  5. I love that top!
    What a great find :)

    Georgia x

  6. Your top is so nice! Really love the design.
    And I so want disco shorts! xx

  7. Love that top, such a gorgeous find! :)
    I haven't seen the disco shorts on anyone yet, but these really suit you!

    http://www.danielleyc.com/ xx

  8. You look gorgeous, I can't believe much of a bargain that lovely top was! You really suit the shorts, I would NEVER be brave enough - with or without tights! xxx

  9. Those disco shorts were made for your figure! I found they're actually a bit longer than the AA ones which are crazy short!

    Looking beautiful, lady! That's a great charity shop find

  10. Love the outfit, gorgeous photos! xx


  11. Those shorts are perfect on you, I've got a pair coming this week but my legs won't look half as good as yours do in them! Please come charity shopping with me and help me find some gems like this xx

  12. You look amazing, the shorts were made for you and this top looks great with them. Great outfit.

    Jo. x

  13. I love that top, what a find. I'm so utterly rubbish (lazy!) at finding stuff in charity shops!
    Kaz x

  14. beautiful!! (:



  15. I disagree that headbands don't suit you Yasmin, I think you look gorgeous here! Such a good charity shop find with that top too, total bargain xx


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