Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Back Homee

I've noticed recently that lots of the girls from home have blogs and I thought I'd share them with you :) I love reading my friends blogs, when you know someone in person you can imagine the tone etc that they're writing in. Of course my opinion on them would be biased sooo I thought I'd let them to sum up their blogs for you- they're all so different and definitely worth checking out.

Emma from What's Up Buttercup? says: 
I blog about my life and things I love. It's great to be a part of an online community and also track memories online so I have something to look back on. Getting the occasional freebie makes it worthwhile :)

Jess from Hello Savage says: 
I blog at work so Hello Savage is my personal space to speak about what I want- my little online home, where I keep all the things I find on my journey around the internet. 

Lucie from L is for Lucie says: 
I think too much; so I use my blog as a platform to express my opinions on many different topics from current affairs, religion, science and politics, to celebrity culture and fashion. It's basically a way for me to let out my rantings in order to spare my friends and family from having to humour me!

Jess from Big Girls Blouse says: 
I want to create a beautiful world full of all that i feel, think, learn and love.


  1. Thanks for the mention, checking out the other blogs now. Cheltenham love coming at you. <3

  2. I love blog recommendations. :) Will be checking these out!



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