Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween #3

I went a bit Halloween crazy this year and I absolutely loved it, everyone I went out with looked so cool and creepy. I saw a girl do sugar skull make-up last year and literally thought it was the best idea ever, so this year I didn't even have to think about what to be!

Dixi's 'funny bones' tights were perfect for this outfit, I bought them in a flash sale which meant they only cost me £6!! and I got free shipping! If you follow Dixi on Facebook they always run mini competitions to get free shipping or 10% off- soo good. They have such nice items on sale, my favourites at the moment are the Adele Dress and this 'Deer Me' Antique Ring.

Here's some pictures from the night, hope you all had (or are having if you're out tonight) a great Halloween.

Tights: Dixi
Gloves: Party Shop
Top: DIY
Halloween nails: 
Barry M Black & White

Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween #2

Last night was the inter-intern night out for everyone on placement in the Reading area and it was soo much fun. Not entirely sure what me & Melissa were meant to be, it varied from 'spider queens' to 'black widows' aha. The boys I live with dressed up as mimes which isn't really Halloween'y but they looked cool- best dressed was definitely a guy dressed as Edward Scissorhands, such a good idea.

The night started out with one too many strongbows and a party in our taxi ride to town singing along to 'barbie girl' and 'Saturday Night'. It ended up with me walking home barefoot in the rain- all in all a pretty good night seeing as I don't really rate Reading night life. On this note in Revolution last night saw 'Skint Mondays' advertised which had Crystal Castles play recently (for only £3.50) and I'm gutted I missed them, they've got a pretty cool line-up leading towards Christmas, might have to check it out. They were my highlight of Glastonbury this year!


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Halloween #1

So tonight me and my house mate Melissa have been getting all creative for Halloween; we've got an inter-intern social tomorrow night in Reading to prepare for and Saturday we're of to The Blast vs Digital Soundboy to see Breakage and Jess Mills. I have so much love for Jess Mills-
check out her song 'Live for what I'd die for', it's amazing. 

Thought I'd post a picture of the mess that will make up two sets of Halloween outfits, aha exciting-

Funny bones tights: Dixi
Eylure Lashes
Barry M: Black & White
Cape: Claire's Accessories
Fake Spiders
LOADS of black clothing

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Double Denim

It was my friend's 21st this weekend so I went to Bristol again. I went into Cabot Circus to do some shopping and wow it was busy! Christmas shopping has truly begun... and Christmas songs are playing on the radio! It's crazy. Topshop had a huge sale on and I just couldn't resist- I managed to snap up a really cute dress for £10, such a bargain and perfect for another 21st I have coming up :)

Saturday night pre-drinks were at my old house which was really fun... as soon as I got there I made myself at home, kind of forgot I don't live there any more! My night ended up at Motion for Fwd & Rinse and I wore double denim for the first time- didn't think I could pull it off but I gave it a go!

Top: Urban Outfitters
Shirt & Belt: Primark
Shorts: Vintage Levis

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I've wanted a peacock feather tattoo for a while now but I can't decide where on my body to have it- I'm hoping one day it will come to me and then I can get it done :). When I saw this jumper I knew I had to buy it. It was on Yayer - the only one in stock and my size so I snapped it up! I can't wait to wear it out properly, I bought about 17 snug winter jumpers last year so I'm limiting myself to only this 1 this year... (we'll see how long that lasts!)

Peacock Jumper: Yayer

Every time I go shopping I'm guilty of bringing back a new Barry M nail polish, but this weekend I didn't- so when my housemate Melissa came in with a new one to add to our collection I couldn't wait to try it. It gives a really cool metallic effect and I love it! They do a gold one too which will be perfect for Christmas and is definitely going on my shopping list.

To explain the top right photo: my new camera has a 'sparkle' setting I hadn't tried out... and it really worked aha.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Ahh I have so much to say!!

Had a lovely weekend, ended up at Thekla on Friday night for 51:27 which turned out to be really good, I love nights that aren't planned!

I spent hours of Saturday just wandering round Bristol, UOBSU was holding a street clothing festival which I popped into, Dutty had a stall there and some lush necklaces on display- definitely on my shopping list for next month, I'll post a picture when I buy one! If you haven't heard of Dutty you really should go, their clothes have a kind of 'street chic' style and they have a basement full of vintage- Cheltenham Road, Stokes Croft.

I also took a trip down to Nelson Street- I'd heard about the See No Evil street art project which transformed the run down street into an artistic masterpiece. I couldn't believe the quality of the work!
A couple of my favourite pieces are posted below:

Shirt: BS8, Bristol
Feather Broach: Vintage
Mini Casio: ASOS
Ring: ASOS

Saturday evening was then intended to be 'a few quiet ones' which ultimately ended up to myself and Danni getting way too drunk, rolling in at a ridiculous hour and spending our evening being 'edgy' in Stokes Croft.

My Dress: Charity Shop
Danni's Dress: Vintage

Thursday, 13 October 2011


I've recently moved to Reading to do a placement as part of my uni course, I really like my job but I miss Bristol soo much, especially now all the students are back... although doing a placement does mean I get another year of being a student which is definitely not a bad thing!

So you'll notice I'm in Bristol at every chance I get- this weekend was Hospitality at Motion - the first of the In:Motion series. As usual the line-up was amazing and as an added bonus Camo and Krooked launched their new album Cross The Line, it's already probably my favourite album ever! There's not one song I don't like and it's constantly on repeat at home and in the car. My friend Melissa came to Bristol with me and loved it, although we both some how managed to miss Danny Byrd and we've wanted to see him for ages! Ah well... it just gives us an excuse to go to the next one :)

I thought I'd add an outfit post from this night-

Top: Topshop
Shorts: Topshop
Belt: Vintage
Bracelets: Vintage/ Custom-made
Mini Casio: ASOS

I also painted my nails a 'galaxy' design and they actually look OK in the pictures but they looked pretty awful close up- think I need to practice more.

I'll end this post by telling you to check out the autumn line-up for Motion they have some incredible nights on and are well worth the money.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

First Post...

So this is attempt #3 at starting a blog... I originally made one about a year ago and if I'm honest I completely forgot about it! Then me and one of my best friends decided to make a joint one but her 3rd year uni work seems to be taking over and she no longer has the time to do it.

Which is why I decided to start Overly Selected and I will stick to it this time...

Overly Selected will consist of everything from vintage fashion, to music and tattoos... with the odd outfit post thrown in- although you'll have to excuse my Photoshop skills, they aren't very good!