Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween #2

Last night was the inter-intern night out for everyone on placement in the Reading area and it was soo much fun. Not entirely sure what me & Melissa were meant to be, it varied from 'spider queens' to 'black widows' aha. The boys I live with dressed up as mimes which isn't really Halloween'y but they looked cool- best dressed was definitely a guy dressed as Edward Scissorhands, such a good idea.

The night started out with one too many strongbows and a party in our taxi ride to town singing along to 'barbie girl' and 'Saturday Night'. It ended up with me walking home barefoot in the rain- all in all a pretty good night seeing as I don't really rate Reading night life. On this note in Revolution last night saw 'Skint Mondays' advertised which had Crystal Castles play recently (for only £3.50) and I'm gutted I missed them, they've got a pretty cool line-up leading towards Christmas, might have to check it out. They were my highlight of Glastonbury this year!



  1. love the tights :) i know how you feel about walking home bare-foot! haha x

  2. Your outfit is awesome! You look ace, and I love the tights.x

  3. Your and your friends outfits are great, love that everything is cheaper on mondays, roll on halloween monday x

  4. Cannot get over how much we have in common, LOVE Reading, love tatts and am so craving some hospitality DnB right now! <3 So glad I found your blog, i love, love, love ittt.

  5. I love the spidery theme, you look awesome- very creeeeepy! xx

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