Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Ahh I have so much to say!!

Had a lovely weekend, ended up at Thekla on Friday night for 51:27 which turned out to be really good, I love nights that aren't planned!

I spent hours of Saturday just wandering round Bristol, UOBSU was holding a street clothing festival which I popped into, Dutty had a stall there and some lush necklaces on display- definitely on my shopping list for next month, I'll post a picture when I buy one! If you haven't heard of Dutty you really should go, their clothes have a kind of 'street chic' style and they have a basement full of vintage- Cheltenham Road, Stokes Croft.

I also took a trip down to Nelson Street- I'd heard about the See No Evil street art project which transformed the run down street into an artistic masterpiece. I couldn't believe the quality of the work!
A couple of my favourite pieces are posted below:

Shirt: BS8, Bristol
Feather Broach: Vintage
Mini Casio: ASOS
Ring: ASOS

Saturday evening was then intended to be 'a few quiet ones' which ultimately ended up to myself and Danni getting way too drunk, rolling in at a ridiculous hour and spending our evening being 'edgy' in Stokes Croft.

My Dress: Charity Shop
Danni's Dress: Vintage


  1. You've made me MEGA miss Bristol!! Looking lovely. Thanks for your ideas on my post by the way.

  2. no problemmm :) I live in Reading at the moment and miss Bristol soo much. I feel your pain!

  3. Ooo great red shirt - looks lovely on you. Sounds like you had a good time!


  4. I love the color of that shirt.

    Now following your blog! I look forward to more posts. :)

  5. Your dress in the last snap is gorgeous! I want it.. and it makes me sad when I see 'charity shop' by the side, because i know I can't buy it (maybe a good thing!)
    Love the kitty toooooo! so so cute.
    And hello I am now following your blog because I loveeee it!

  6. ahh thanksss I love yours too! N'awh she's called Triangle, such a cutie ahaaa :)


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