Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I've wanted a peacock feather tattoo for a while now but I can't decide where on my body to have it- I'm hoping one day it will come to me and then I can get it done :). When I saw this jumper I knew I had to buy it. It was on Yayer - the only one in stock and my size so I snapped it up! I can't wait to wear it out properly, I bought about 17 snug winter jumpers last year so I'm limiting myself to only this 1 this year... (we'll see how long that lasts!)

Peacock Jumper: Yayer

Every time I go shopping I'm guilty of bringing back a new Barry M nail polish, but this weekend I didn't- so when my housemate Melissa came in with a new one to add to our collection I couldn't wait to try it. It gives a really cool metallic effect and I love it! They do a gold one too which will be perfect for Christmas and is definitely going on my shopping list.

To explain the top right photo: my new camera has a 'sparkle' setting I hadn't tried out... and it really worked aha.


  1. A sparkle setting, why doesn't my camera have one of these?! haha would you say this is any different to any other metallic nail varnish? Don't know whether it's worth buying it :)

  2. I haven't tried any others... but its so cool it actually looks like foil, I've had comments on my nails all day! You should definitely try it :) xx

  3. Your nails look amazing! I love your jumper, the colours in it are so pretty :).


  4. cute jumper and the varnish looks rather awesome - i've been in mixed minds whether or not to buy this one! x

  5. Really want to try foil effects but theres no barry m near me :(

  6. they sell them in boots & superdrug :)


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