Monday, 18 February 2013

Just Do It

tee and beanie: eBay, short leggings: diy, socks: my nans!, watch: american apparel creepers: glamorous

Hey guys! First of all thank you to everyone that entered my competition to win the Fashion for Home boxes, the lucky winner was Lucy from Fine and Bambi! I'm so jealous Lucy aha :) I have let Fashion for Home know and they should be in contact with you in due course!! 

Secondly, since moving back to Bristol in the summer the amount I have blogged has become less and less. I thought I would have loads more time to blog when I was back at uni but it turns out I really struggle to find the time... I mostly leave the house wearing leggings, a jumper, trainers and a beanie (yes the same ones pretty much!) and have so much work on that I don't get time to read any other blogs like I used to or even post myself! So I'm going to say a temporary goodbye over the next coming months leading up to my dissertation hand in and exam period as I really need to focus on that at the minute! Hope you're all still here when I get back!!! :D

I'll leave you with a final outfit post which was taken about a month ago in the snow, proving my point that I never get round to posting my outfits! The boyfriend bought me this tee, and beanie (oh and the creepers :D) for Christmas and they're definitely my new favourite items. I've ranted on about this quite a lot but I have barely bought any clothes for myself since going back to uni, which has been so difficult as last year I was a spendaholic, so it was so exciting to get new clothes!! 

Take care everyone, see you in a few months!!