Saturday, 24 March 2012

Butterfly Effect

top: primark, denim gillet: dutty, skirt: h&m, chelsea boots: topshop, rings: eBay & dixi, brooch: vintage

Spending a long weekend in Bristol, I've got to work next saturday so I get monday off which is bliss... it means I wont feel too bad about spending the whole of tomorrow in bed after tonight. I'm off to the Rusko album launch at Motion and I can't wait, the line-up is too amazing and it feels like forever since I've been to Motion; in reality it's only been two months but it feels like such a long time aha.

I've been booking up all my festivals for the year recently (love saves the daybeach breakglobal gathering & outlook so far), not sure if any of you are going to any festivals but if you plan on going to beach break, please buy your ticket through my link  here, I'm a rep this year :) they're putting on a hospital records night- how good?! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend in the sun.


  1. Love the colour in this outfit, is the h&m skirt in store now? Really wish i could go to beach break live, will have to wait till next year :( jealous of the number of festivals youre off too! xx

  2. Stunning! This is just such a lovely outfit, I love the colours and that ring is amazing!

  3. I really love your skirt, I definitely need more casual skirts!!

    Jade x

  4. Love your outfit! The skirt is really cute and love your little brooch, so cute! Also jealous of all the festivals you've booked! xx

  5. Maaaaaate you are allll over the shot aren't you. Here there and everywhere.. You're always so busy, you make my life seem as dull as a beanstalk. Actually not a beanstalk, beanstalks seem to be exciting (ask Jack). ANYWAYZ I want this skirt, asif it's H&M I go in there ALL ZE time and haven't seen it. OFF I GO AGAIN. THANKSYASMINIBLAMEYOU.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. What a cute chic outfit! The mustard top and the red shoes are such great touches!


  7. Love this outfit, all the colours go so well together!
    You are totally getting me in a festival mood this morning, so far I've only booked one in Portugal but I really need to get my act together for UK festivals! xx

  8. The colours in this outfit are ace! God knows how I've only just come across your blog, I love it to bits! Definitely following girlie xx


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