Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ethical Beauty

shirt & trousers: charity shop, brooch: vintage, shoes and belt: primark, rings: peaches and nothing & sisters

I took my velvet trousers home with every intention of customising them into a pair of shorts; but when I tried them on with this shirt I had second thoughts- so the 'DIYing' of these has been postponed, I probably will make them into shorts when I get bored of wearing them aha. Absolutely adore this shirt, another charity shop buy; it's really long so will look cute over some denim shorts in the summer as an almost dress. This is the first time I've worn my hair in a side parting in a while and my shaved bit is really too long to do it now... I just want it to grow back! Oh, I'm definitely wearing my 11 year old sisters shoes here, she's such a babe- she took these pictures for me too bless her.

Most of you will already know but thought I'd mention it just in case you don't: Motel are having a sample sale on thursday and friday this week from 10-7 in London at the Motel show room and with items from just £3!! This is when working full time drives me insane as I can't get to it, contemplated working in the London office and popping over on my lunch/ after I finish but I just don't have any money until pay day and with electricity bills of £79 to pay I am on a shopping ban. Only for another 8 days though ;)

I'm entering the ethical outfit competition over at the Ethical Fashion Blog I think it's such a good idea for a competition for us to show off our vintage pieces. I've chosen this outfit because I absolutely adore it, my velvet trousers & shirt were £4 each from charity shops and the brooch was a vintage gift. Hope you like my entry and go and enter yourselves... you have until the end of the 31st of March to get your entry in!!


  1. Really love this outfit, amazing charity shop finds!

    I'm not sure if I've asked you before (sorry if I have!) but I was wondering what colour you use on your hair? xx

  2. I love this shirt! It looks great with those trousers xx

  3. Your shirt is amazing! Love it with the trousers and brooch! xx

  4. Ooooh such a cool shirt! Wish I could/have the patience to find stuff like this in charity shops! Looking lovely :)

    Chloe x

  5. OMG!!ur shirt?....LOVE IT SO MUCH!!

  6. I absolutely love the brick wall with those chairs! I just got this instant happy feeling looking at it! Haha I'm really loving that shirt and your rings too. =]


  7. Gorgeous outfit! Those trousers are spectacular, you style them very well!

  8. Great outfit! and i loooooooove your leg tattoo that i can see in your profile picture!!!

  9. I love that shirt!
    New reader here :)

  10. The shirt is fab :) Such a lovely outfit x

  11. That's such a nice shirt! I'm also feeling the post-payday pinch with bills to pay. Hurry up next Friday please! x

  12. That shirt's amazing, what a find! I wanna go to the sample sale so bayyyyyyd xx

  13. loving this look! so cute and unique!

    found the route

  14. That shirt is gorgeous; somebody seriously needs to take me under their charity shop wing...every time I go in one I panic at all the stuff! Love your blog so much :)
    Dannii x


  15. Just found you blog through the fbloggers tag on Twitter, and so glad I did.
    This top is goooorgeous!! I also LOVE your hair!


  16. how did i miss this post! :O i love the velvet trousers just how they are!
    love your hair like that too:)


  17. Great job winning the ethical outfit competition - well done!

    If you're interested in ethical clothing, you might be interested in our website? http://www.muddandwater.com - would love to get your thoughts.

    Thanks - Andy

  18. This outfit is awesome and that shirt is making me all green eye'd what a great find.


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