Monday, 19 March 2012


These are some nails that I did the other weekend and they were completely inspired by Kristy's amazing Cath Kidston nails, they are nowhere near as good but actually quite easy to do so I'll definitely be doing them more often. I haven't turned my computer on all weekend and it's actually been quite nice, but I will be catching up on all of your blogs during the week I've missed SO much!!

Now to announce the lucky winners of my giveaway...

Congratulations to Katharine & NaThalia you've both got a $30 voucher for Unestablish on it's way to you, I'll email you with the details now :) :)


  1. what nail polish is the green?! i need it xx

  2. Beautiful color+ nailart!
    I really love your blog dear, keep posting!

    Please check out my MARC JACOBS giveaway!

  3. that's a gorgeous nail design right there! and DANCING ON ICE - omg. so much love for louie spence up until last week when he gave jorgie a 6.5 what was up with that, haha. but usually he just makes the show.. well except for philip schofield's cheeky banter! ahem. enough about that...xo

  4. Thank you Ms. Yasmin, I wasn't expecting it. But thank you, thank you so much! :) God Bless & More power! :)

  5. love the matte top coat! Just found your blog and I love it (:


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