Monday, 13 February 2012

Who Knows...

Ahh you might have noticed that I have a new header!! I gave my friend Lucy the task of creating something for me as I seriously lack creative skills and here it is. I say here it is she actually created about 8 for me to choose from, such a babe. For those of you that use tumblr you should check out hers, cocoa blush, she posts some really gorgeous photos and I'm completely addicted to it.

These are just some nails I did the other week after work bored, you might have already seen them if you follow me on instagram... and if you don't then it's @yasminnjade :)

Another busy week at work ahead I'm phone interviewing applicants this week, exciting! Feels like I've only just got there and already I'm finding my replacement... time has honestly never gone by this fast. Bedlam was amazing in Bournemouth, the O2 academy is an old opera house and such an amazing venue- I'd definitely go again!

Also I'd like to say a massive thank you to Mikaila, The Fashion Launderette, for giving me the Liebster Blog Award- she said the loveliest things about me and my blog!! I've just realised that she's a friend of a friend from back home too and I didn't know she had a blog- it's strange who you stumble across in the blogging world. Get on over to her blog she's got such gorgeous style... check her out!!

Happy Valentines day for tomorrow :)


  1. I love the nails! Im not as creative as you with my nails

  2. Wow i adore your nails! I gave you an award on my blog have a look xx

  3. I love your nails! I'm about to paint mine right now :)

  4. I just discovered your blog and I'm in love with your style! Happy Valentines! <3

    Ellen xx

  5. the nails are so unique!
    lovely blog =]


  6. Love our nails! The new header looks really cute too x

  7. love the new header! cute nails too :) x

  8. Ooh pastels! They look so good how did you get them straight? I love the header that's so sweet of her, do you have tumblr? Happy valentines day Yas!x

  9. love the nails, they look so good! x

  10. You have a lovely blog and gorgeous style! Following, glad I found your blog xx

  11. i really like your blog its just amazing!!
    so much inspiring at your blog

    lots of love..

  12. Nails are absolutely beautiful - I most certainly do not have enough of a steady hand to do that sort of thing, what do they say these days? Well jel?

    New header also looks awesome, very creative!

    Major appreciation for the shout out at the end there, I eagerly anticipate the next post!



  13. Your nails are so lush! I wish I wasn't so cack handed then maybe I could do something like that! :3 ♥

  14. these nails are amazing :) I LOVE them i want them, soo cute xx

  15. LOVELOVELOVE your nails, on every single picture your nails are gorgeous! How do you do them :) <3 xxx


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