Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Don't Tell Me

shirt: batoko, shorts: DIY, vans: schuh
cross ring: boutique73, other rings: peaches and nothing
nails: models own- in the navy

The quality of these pictures is upsetting me, forgot my slr when I went to Bournemouth on the weekend and I haven't used my old camera for a blog post in a while... annoying. 

I wore my DIY shorts (here) and this shirt that a couple of the girls bought this for my birthday, it's from Batoko and it's amazing, teamed it with my vans which are no longer looking this clean :( and some seriously ripped tights because they'd have looked like that by the end of the night regardless aha; also painted my nails to match. 

I've got to do a presentation at work next week and I think I'm going to do it on my blog/ the blogging world. I want to make it interesting - any ideas of what things I could include to make it really good? I have a knack of making even the most interesting subjects sound boring!!

Foxes - Youth: adventure club remix, check it outttt. I have this song on constant repeat at the moment. The lovely Paige from Ginger Snap gave me the Liebster Blog Award, two awards in one week, I feel loved. Thanks Paige :) Room is successfully tidied and hoovered, early to bed for meeee.


  1. I love the shirt, i saw it on this website its lovely! You look gorgeous(:

  2. I love this outfit! Your tights look awesome and you're making me wish I could pull off vans!

    Love Ellen xx

  3. That shirt is gorgeous!! Love the shoes, I really want a pair of vans, I sold my last pair and miss them :(


  4. Shirt <3
    Claudia xxx

  5. Love this outfit, that top is awesome :) x

  6. loving the rings!

  7. Lovely outfit, I'd love to hear more about your presentation!

  8. I am loving the clash of patterns on your shirt!

  9. This looks amazing! I love your nails too xo

  10. what a babe. That shirt's amazing, love your nails too! xx

  11. I'm so jealous of your hair, it's beautiful! Love the outfit too. Good luck with your presentation. You could talk about people from all over the world coming together because of fashion- although that's seriously cheesy haha x

  12. Hi Yasmin,

    I started a new blog. Its called "Same Same But Different". I would like to share with you my view on fashion, art and other amazing things. I hope you will enjoy the posts of my outfits, fashion and things which are a part of my life. I am happy about every comment or message. And please dont hasitate to criticize or to leave a helpful suggestion. (and i know i really need to learn how to use my camera)


    Hope to read from you soon,

    best wishes

    ps. love the outfit :)

  13. loveLoveLove the shirt your wearing!
    ...and the stripe-y nails...wish I was patient enough ;)
    Kat // frock&roll

  14. This shirt is awesome! Just had a look on their site, I've never come across it before. Wish I had moneyyyy :( x

    sweet monday

  15. i want those shorts. this outfit is amazing!


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