Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I have an unhealthy obsession with shorts and I've banned myself from buying any more- so what I've done is found a way to temporarily customise my own and change it as and when :) I bought a pair of black Levis from Motel's boutique on Park Street with leopard print in the pockets and it made me think of adding material myself to other shorts, the best part is you only need to undo the stitches to get them back to normal or do something new. It's really simple and so easy but it really changes the way the shorts look, I tried it on my £1.99 charity shop shorts...

I bought the material from Oxfam it was £4.99 for a pack of patches with loads of different designs to choose from, the patch I used I didn't think I liked but when I put it next to the shorts I changed my mind. Sewing this didn't take long and my sewing is rubbish so I do apologise, this is when I need my little sisters sewing machine.


Think I'm going to wear these on Saturday night for Shit The Bed, it's a night at Motion of course, Sub Focus (my all time ever favourite), Scratch Perverts and Grooverider all under one roof? Yes please. The best part is that I have to work in Bristol Thurs and Fri for an event so travel is paid for :) lovely.


  1. These are really nice! Way cheaper and a lot more personalised!
    For summer I'm definitely going to try this and do the back pockets too!xoxo

  2. I actually can't believe those shorts were only £1.99. these look awesome! I really need to learn to be a proper women and brush up on my sewing skills xx

  3. I've now had to stop myself from buying more shorts too hahaha. Love this though, looks awesome :) x

  4. Super creative and cute! :)

    xx Jessica

  5. This is such a good idea, and so easy to do!! Im thinking of bleaching mine as well :)

    I also need to stop buying shorts, i blame charity shops for my obsession!!! haha


  6. Thats such a good idea! Really simple too. I don't want to do this to my expensive shorts so i might it some charity shops and try it out!(:

  7. I am deffo trying this! What a lovely idea :)
    now following. xx

  8. This is amazing! I would love to try it :) xx

  9. I have that same obsession! This is a way cute idea!

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  10. Great idea, I'm terrible at sewing though!

  11. I love little DIY's and anything crafty. This is so simple so would be easy for even the most amature sewer! They look pretty sweet! x


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