Thursday, 5 January 2012


Tops: Topshop
Belt & Shorts: Charity Shop
Casio: ASOS, Shoes: eBay

I wore this out in Cheltenham last week when a few of us went out spur of the moment- always the best nights :)

Day #4 in the library and it's driving me insane- my word count is going up ever so slowly but I'm getting there! Went to see Sherlock Holmes last night it was really good, apart from that I havne't really done anything except write about pay structures and motivation zzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. I love last minute nights out :)
    Oh god I am so sick of my uni library! I think I will scream if I have to go in for another day!! ood luck honey :)

  2. I remember the days where I lived in the library for days on end! As crazy as it sounds, i miss those days now. The real world sucks! I really love your top here. Have you see Hero & Cape ( They have a peace sign tshirt on there, as well as lots of other nice ones. The peace sign is one of my faves! x

  3. Love that outfit :) You look gorgeous! Best nights are always the ones that aren't planned x

  4. I love your denim shorts! looknig so great!


  5. you have an amazing style! and you are beautiful (: im following you.


  6. Gorgeous as ever! I went to see Sherlock Holmes on xmas eve.. think I might be a little bit.. (massively).. in love with Robert Downey Jr xx

  7. love your denim shorts and topshop top! you look fab! and yes omg i am so glad i'm not the only one i always seem to keep buying them too nail polish is great!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  8. Just came across your lovely blog, I love your style :)

    Chelsea x


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