Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Just a quickie, I'm super tired and again swore I'd be in bed by 9 but blogging and 90210 got in the way! I've come to the conclusion today that my blog needs a little re-vamp I just need more time to be able to put in to it... at risk of repeating myself... working full time is such a pain. I also need another tattoo but a money tree to fund it too please, ah I may have to start doing the lottery.

Wearing a few presents in this picture, the jumper, along side my doll ring, was a christmas present which I'm in love with. It's casual but quirky and not your normal wooly affair, because it's so colourful it really brightens up outfits. Wearing my gorgeous skull ring which was a birthday present too from my friend who also pointed me in the direction of these cross earrings from eBay, here. I have a tunnel in my left ear so I tend not to wear earrings but the time has come where it's completely acceptable to just wear one earring and this has made me extremely happy, let the unnecessary earring collection commence!! 

doll ring: dixi, cross earring: eBay


  1. love that jumper!
    & dw , winning the lottery is part of my life plan , i'll give you a share when i win haha
    mantenso xx

  2. awesome jumper, doll! your rings are beautiful as well, I need to get me some of those bad boys xo

  3. The jumper looks ever so snug Yasmin!
    Hope you had a great time in Brighton, now get to sleeeeep!x

  4. I love your jumper, I was thinking of starting to play the lottery earlier..x

  5. So pretty!! You've such a bad ass style - we loooove it.

    ox from NYC!



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