Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Life has actually taken over and I have no time to do anything, my bedroom looks like a bombs hit it and I have no motivation whatsoever to tidy it. On the plus side I have been good and gone to the gym! Off to London today for work, it's pouring and I don't have an umbrella :( 

I raided my friends wardrobes and acquired this dress and gorgeous pendant (Primark £4!!) and wore this outfit to a works do in Bristol (apologies for the dodgy lighting), vodka shots between meals and too much alcohol = me not turning up for work on time and everyone thinking I'd been kidnapped. Note to self: STOP DRINKING

dress: friends, blazer: h&m
belt & pendant: primark, rings: dixi


  1. I can relate to your messy bedroom, mine looks like world war 3 had struck it =P

  2. Gorgeous dress, I have a dressing room so I have no excuse for it to be messy but I still have a floordrobe!

  3. i love this dress and your jewellery! primark seem to have some really nice jewellery in at the moment, my rooms such a mess aswell, full of exam papers so i know how you feel haha!


  4. We are loving this look on you! Super lovely!! And you layered it perfectly! Amazing gems too!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  5. I love the dixi rings, oh I don't know where to start with my bedroom.x

  6. This is gorgeous! Vodka shots = never fun. My bedroom looks like the aftermath of a tornado.. but I'm still on bloglovin' instead xx

  7. Really nice dress! The colour looks amazing, i love your little circle ring aswell! x

  8. Your hair looks amazing here. Lovely dress too. xx

  9. I'm feeling exactly the same as you Yasmin!! Our room is so messy, I trip over from everything on the floor!
    However on the plus side, you can get away with it.. you look gorgeous in this dress.x

  10. love your blazer , lovely outfit!
    mantenso xx


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