Sunday, 27 November 2011


I've well and truly had a 'hair-mare' this weekend, I asked for my dip dye to be redone and a little higher up and it's ended up way too high and bloody black (the plan was for it to be brown) and the pictures don't do it justice to how bad it looks aha thank god!! But all is fine as I'm getting it fixed tomorrow, don't know what to do with it yet, might have to go back dark all over?! 

Spending the weekend at home I actually had time to do something creative with my nails and try out my nail art pens (24 pens for £6.60 eBay!) I did a humbug theme to match my dress which was a present for my birthday, alongside the cross ring, love love them both. This is what I wore out for my birthday celebrations in Cheltenham which consisted of a few too many rum and cokes in The 2 Pigs although I opted for black tights when I got to pre-drinks because it was just too cold.

Dress: YayerShoes: eBay
Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Cross ring: Boutique 73
Other Rings: Peaches and Nothing
Humbug nails: 
Black & White Barry M, Nail Art Pens


  1. I love your dress & shoes. I don't trust hairdressers, freaks me out leaving my apperance in the hands of someone else. It doesn't look bad to me, maybe it will fade of you don't like it black?x

  2. ah i bought the nail pens too! spent a whole evening trying out different styles, such a good buy!

  3. Your dress is a beaut! As are you lady. Hope you had a lovely weekend x

  4. gorgeous dress! i need that in my life so badly.
    Have a gander on my blog, up your street hopefully :)

  5. 24 pens for 6.60?! thats ridiculous! what a good find! :) love your cross ring too! xxxxx

  6. i love your dress!!! gorge!

  7. lovely

  8. Love your ring! ♥

  9. Ah the cross ring's looking good! Last September I asked the hairdresser to dip dye my hair and ended up with these horrendous badger stripes so now I just do my own hair! xxx

  10. gorgeous!

    i have voted for you to win the versatile blogger award

    check it out

    lauryn xx

  11. Love your nails! The go great with your dress. x

  12. these nails look so so good! love your blog too, new follower! xoxo


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