Friday, 4 November 2011

November's Most Wanted

I can't believe how many comments and new followers I've had this week, thank you so much :)

This week's been pretty busy, worked at the UWE careers fair yesterday which was really fun- I literally talked my way through the whole 6 hours; explaining the placement and grad schemes HP offer. It's left me pretty motivated about my job and actually really looking forward to the next few weeks at work!

I'm in Bristol tonight to see some fireworks (cannot believe we're in November already?!) and possibly Annie Mac at Motion... which would be amazing because I love love love Toddla T and he's there. Then off to Bath tomorrow for my friend's birthday; another great weekend lined up.

Last month all I could think about was how much I wanted some new jewellery, here's my wishlist for November:

1. Robot/Bike Pendant- £8 - Peaches and Nothing  // 2/3. Clock Pendants- £8 - Peaches and Nothing // 4. 'Deer Me' Ring- £6 - Dixi // 5. Square Chunky Ring- £5 - Topshop // 6. Oblong Stone Ring- £7 - Topshop // 7. Enamel Bug Ring- £3.99 - New Look // 8. Love Rocks Gold & Topaz Owl- £20 - ASOS // 9. House of Harlow 1960 Antiqued Arrow Ring- £57 - ASOS  // 10. Double Finger Cross Ring- £8 - ASOS // 11. Pieces Elin Double Finger Ring- £7 - ASOS // 12. Metal Moustache Ring- £8 - ASOS

Now I know some of these aren't exactly in price range but it doesn't stop them from being extremely cool! Definitely buying one of the pendants from Peaches and Nothing, they're lovely and soo cheap, just can't decide which one is my favourite I'm eyeing up the robot. So original!!

- check out Georgina's blog - Peaches and Nothing blog.


  1. Urm mega jealous of you if you get to see Annie Mac! That'll be aaaaaamazingggg live! Enjoy your weekend babes x

  2. Thanks girl I'll throw in some free rings as you've been so nice and advertised, I got this stuff to sell before I got blogger, I don't sell the rings online as I discoverd that a very popular blogger sells the same ones.x

  3. Love these! I recently got a black mustache ring from Topshop which I wear every day but it tends to catch on things! I'm desperate to get a double cross ring, I think I might get the one from ASOS! :) xxxx

  4. Love them all, especially the arrow one, typically mega expensive!!x

  5. I love all of your jewellery choices, especially numbers 2 and 4. Have fun seeing Annie Mac, only a little bit jealous!


  6. Love the clock pendants so much, I always think necklaces like that look so pretty :) x

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  8. I love all of them. Especially the clock necklaces! Great choices.

  9. I want it all!! Love the owl ring! That House of Harlow arrow ring is amazing.. Lovely blog. :) X


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