Sunday, 20 November 2011


Last night I went to a rather posh 21st, 3 course dinner, champagne reception and a catwalk to our tables. To start off with I felt a little bit out of place because I'm not used to swish evenings out, and I'm not entirely sure how well the stretched ear, shaved head and nose ring went down... but I had a really nice night, my friend's dad did a speech which was so cute, we lit lanterns in her honour and the food was amazing! It also gave me the chance to dress up which I never do, everyone looked gorgeous. I'll add some pictures when my friend gets copies of the professional ones that got taken.

It's my 21st on Tuesday and I've got lots of exciting things planned, birthday meals and nights out- I'm off home this weekend for the first time in months andddd the best part is that I'm going to the Skrillex after party in Bristol!! I'm so excited, Skrillex is a bit like Marmite in the world of dubstep, you either love him or hate him but I lovelovelove him.

Just a quick outfit post, this is what I wore Friday night- Pizza Express with BOGOF vouchers, you cant go wrong :)

Top: Primark, Skirt: H&M
Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Tights: Motel, Bag: Charity Shop
Robot Pendant: Peaches & Nothing


  1. love the mustard colour!

  2. Gorgeous colour on you! I'm way too pale too pale for this colour! :)
    X x x

  3. Sounds like a laugh, I love your look though, I love your tights, and the mustard.x

  4. Tights are gorgeous and I love mustard clothing right now. Just found your blog, you have great style. Love the cardigan you wore in the earlier post.
    Happy birthday for tomorrow. xx

  5. I love everything about this outfit. it's such simple pieces but put together so well! I really must start buying simple things!
    Eek that it's your 21st this week..Make it a good one! xx

  6. wow that 21st sounds reeeally posh! fun though :) happy birthday for tomorrow!
    love the tights x

  7. Happy birthday! Hope you have a good weekend celebrating and get spoilt! :) Wish I was 21 again!! Haha.
    As a heads up in case Nath forgets, stay til the end of the credits in breaking dawn, there's a whole other bit, it's so good! :D

    Mustard and wine are my two fave colours atm and simple outfits are so good this season xx

  8. Love your outfit! The tights really finish it off :)

  9. Love this outfit, your tights rock! :)

    xx Jessica

  10. Your outfit is lovely! The way you put everything together is really pretty :) xx


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