Wednesday, 30 November 2011


My weekend at home has really given my time to actually do things (dye my clothes... paint my nails... get my hair done... watch the new Twilight- which I loved!!) and I've missed it soo much, it's made me really look forward to Christmas, 12 days off work at home with my family just chilling and having me time. I wanted to try out something festive on my black nails- I think the two straight ones ruin the design a little but apart from that I quite like them. Also I now have my dslr (canon 550d, the best birthday present EVER. My parents are amazing!) so hopefully the quality of my pictures will start to be much better, I just need to figure out how to use it aha.

Barry M: Black & Clear, Gold Glitter: Nail Art Pen

Oooh and I've had the hair fixed, it's kinda back to normal only there's a subtle dip dye effect going on, might make it blonder next time but for now I'm just happy that I no longer look like an 'emo gone wrong'.

OH and Skrillex was AMAZING. I have literally never been sweatier in my whole entire life it was mental. At the end of his set he got crowd surfed out and I managed to get a cheeky kiss, cuddle and picture with him. massively starstruck.


  1. Ah congrats on getting to meet him. That's good about your hair being back to how you like it :). I like the nails they're a bit galaxy, like stars x

  2. Oh love your nails. I think I got the same nail pens as you. Can't wait to use all the glitter ones!! :) x

  3. Your nails look lovellyyy & i think thats the only tunnels they do so far, they are probz testing how well this product goes :) xxxx

  4. Hope you are enjoying the the camera! I don't know when your birthday was but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! x

  5. Love your nails :) & happy belated bday :) x

  6. Aw, sounds like a good time. Love the nails. x

  7. Congrats on the new camera!! Those piccies are very sharp ;) Love your nails too!!

    Please check out our latest 'Christmas Party Look' post! :)

    T & J

    The Style Rawr- A UK based Fashion blog!

  8. Your nails look great! (I'm not trying to advertise on your blog but seeing as you mentioned festive nails I'm giving away some Models Own nails prizes in a giveaway on my blog - might be able to win them in time for Christmas!). So jealous you have a dslr! I've wanted one for a while but I can't think I'd make enough use of it so can't justify buying one for myself! x

    Natalie | Just a Thought

  9. your nails look absolutely love ly!


  10. Ahh your nails look lovelyyy xxx


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