Sunday, 4 December 2011


Yesterday I went to Sandown Races for a friends birthday with his friends from his placement, I've never been before & I really enjoyed it, even though I lost all of my bets! I literally had no clue- I bet on a horse called Ultimate (because with a name like Ultimate it's bound to win right?! Wrong.) and turns out the odds were something ridiculous like 40 to 1, so I had no chance, if he did win however I'd have made a serious profit on my £5. I can't wait to go to Cheltenham Races next year!!

The day started off with champagne for breakfast (out of the bottle- classy), followed by more drinks at the races, then off into London for more drinks in Leicester Square, followed by more drinks and a buffet in China Town, followed by more drinks in several bars, ending up at Zoo. It was might first night out in London and it was so much fun, although I lost my purse - nightmare.

HP Winter Ball tomorrow- looking forward to seeing all of my managers 'penguined' up. Oh and the two hours of free alcohol :)

PS. I am turning into a ridiculous drunk.


  1. Haha all that drink sounds fun, ridiculous drunks are the best. I really like your coat :) x

  2. This sounds lovely! And hello bottled champagne! For breakfast! Cute photos.x

  3. Love your green coat! Looks fantastic paired with mustard :)


  4. awh that coat is cute!


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