Monday, 26 December 2011


 At the 90s night my friend had done marbling on her nails, I hadn't seen it before and it's so cool so me and my little sister gave it a go- it's pretty time consuming but fairly easy. Here's what you do (I would suggest watching a YouTube tutorial too!)

Firstly tape around your fingers so only your nail is showing, apparently it works better if you use a white base coat too which I completely forgot about, so do that too.

Then fill up a container with room temperature water, drop the colours you want to use one by one (you have to do it fairly quickly because they dry super fast) then use a cocktail stick or some kind of substitute- mine was a plastic fork ha- to swirl the polish around to make a cool pattern.

Dip your finger into the design where you want it to print onto your nail and scrape away the excess.

Take the tape of when your nails are dry, remove any polish from around the cuticle, apply a top coat and you're done :). Some of my nails came out really good and some weren't so great but I'm definitely going to try it again, using a white base too! I think you need to make sure the design is really small so you can get all of it on the nail.


  1. wow this is so cool, I have never heard of this method before but the finished look is lovely. Definitely have to try this one day and the colours that you use are also lovely. Hope you have had a merry christmas xx

  2. Looks awesome! Great colour combination :) xox

  3. Looks lovely :) I have tried to do this before, but it has never turned out well hahaha. x

  4. Woah :O This is rad. Definitely have this on my list of tutorials. They look like they came out good. I think I'm gonna try black and yellow ;D

    Castle Fashion

  5. Must give these a go! They look amazing! xxx

  6. Oh wow these look gorge! I'm such a fail at this, they never come out as good as yours xx


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