Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Shirt: Charity Shop, Skirt and Shoes: Primark, 
Cross Ring: Boutique73, Other Ring & Broach: Vintage,
Nails: check on my post on Marbling

Christmas is crazy tiring, I hope you're all still enjoying the festivities. I'm trying to put off sale shopping for as long as possible but I'm unsure how much longer I'll last, there's so much I want. I've seen some of the lovely presents you've all got and will do a post showing off all my lush presents soon. The ring on my left hand was just one of the lovely presents I got, it was a friends great nan's so it's super vintage I love it it's gorgeous- and I love knowing where vintage pieces have come from, adds so much more character. Talking of nans, mine is trying to persuade me to sell this shirt, I picked it up for £6 and apparently it's worth lots more- but I just don't want to!


  1. yeahh totally agree, christmas kills my energy levels but so worth it! I love the velvet dress on you :)

  2. Hello velvet skirt! You skinny minnie! I love these nails too (I just saw in the post after!)
    Hope you had a fantastic christmas.. totally tiring! And I HATE sales!x

  3. Love your skirt so nice. Really want a burgundy one. Can't believe how neat you got your nails. Need to try marbling! x x

  4. I really like the combination of the shirt with the skirt!


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