Monday, 12 December 2011


This year I got insanely spoilt for my birthday. I have amazing people in my life that all know me so well and bought me some lush pieces of jewellery to add to my steadily growing collection... which was non-existent a couple of months ago. These are my lovely presents: 

01 The owl ring is so cute I absolutely love it, rings like this seem to be really in at the moment, I want more!
02 The sugar skull ring is an amazing piece and right up my street, I'm sure I saw this before and went to buy it but lost the link... my friend's a mind reader.
03 The definition of love ring- this ring actually has the definition of love on it (no more words needed, in love). I think it has a really vintage feel to it too.
04 My cross necklace was apparently picked up from a charity shop, I'm obsessed with crosses at the moment and this one is really vintage and original.
05 The sunglasses necklace is so cool, I think it's really quirky and quite a statement piece.
06 The dear necklace is a Primark beaut, I have the ring to match and I'm pretty sure my friend had no idea- I honestly don't know how they do this?! Aha.
07 The cross keys necklace is on a shorter chain that the rest which makes it totally different to everything I own, it's something I can wear all the time and it's such a unique piece. It's from Tally & Hoe, a store I've never come across before but they have some gorgeous necklaces on sale.
08 Finally the butterfly, this gorgeous broach again came from a charity shop and it's soo nice, I think the bright colours in it would liven up plain outfits really well- can't wait to wear it.

Spent my evening listening to Phaeleh, too much love.


  1. The pieces you got are adorable! I love the sugar skull ring xo

  2. i love the ring with the definition of love! so cute! xxx

  3. Some gorgeous pieces of jewellary! I absolutely LOVE that definition of love ring, any idea where its from?

    Georgie <3

  4. Oh my, I LOVE that sugar skull!!! And the glasses :) You got some really cool gifts.

    Mabel Time

  5. amazing presents! jealous it's not my birthday now xoxo

  6. These are all so cute! I love the owl ring and the deer necklace. I wish I got these for my birthday haha. :)

    xx Jessica

  7. adorable gifts... especially the definition of love ring! :) xx

  8. Wow I love the love definition ring!

  9. love the owl ring, its so cute! xx

  10. I love the colourful skull ring! Hope you had a great birthday.
    Love all your red velevet picks below too. xx

  11. i LOVE rings and these are amazing!

  12. Ohh yayyy my dream birthday gifts are lots of jewellery!! it all looks lovely xxx

  13. You have very good taste in jewellery! Would love to know what you think of our jewellery shop! I love the illustrated paper you're using to rest jewellery on - is it an envelope? Looks so good x


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