Thursday, 13 September 2012

Cosmic Sky

top & shoes: new look, skirt: missguided, jacket: topshop

I haven't blogged in what feels like foreverrrrr, I went to Outlook festival in Croatia which was AMAZING, it was a whirlwind of incredible DJs, insane stages, crazy boat parties, far too much drink, sunshine and tropical storms- rain, thunder, lightening... the lot! Since being back I've had an extreme case of festival blues anddddd I haven't had a proper laptop and no longer have photoshop (does any one use anything else to edit the pixel size of their pictures?) I'm using my old laptop at the moment but everything takes so much longer than normal, fingers crossed I'm getting a mac before uni starts again eeeeeee.

Last weekend I went camping in Sidmouth with my mum and sister, we had a really nice chilled weekend charity shopping, reading books, swimming in the sea and stargazing- I saw my first shooting star yayyy. I feel like I need to get back to reality now, uni starts soon and I have LOADS to sort out- started doing my room this week my yellow walls are now 'ivory cream' after 5 hours of painting and I can finally start to unpack my clothes and put them away properly, rather than using the floordrobe like I have been for the past month ha. I'm going to have a really big sort out and probably do a blog sale or eBay lots of the clothes that I never wear, so keep an eye out :)

My lovely intern bought me this skirt as a leaving present alongside the rosine skull stud tee. Best presents ever. I'm a little at a loss of what to do job wise now I've finished placement, although I'm going to be at uni I need a part-time job- don't really know where to begin... ah I've rambled on enough now, going to try and catch up on everyone's blogs asap and get back into a routine of regular blogging!

PS- These pictures were taken on my iPhone so sorry if the quality isn't great!


  1. Love the clashing of the galaxy and camo prints! Looks like a dress how you've paired the top and skirt :)
    and I don't think the photos are bad quality at all! xx

  2. I love these photos and this outfit. Camo and the galaxy print actually go really well together! I use photoscape for some of my editing alongside photoshop :)

    Robyn Mayday

  3. I love the galaxy print:)

  4. The the clash of prints, this skirt is just amazing.. love the colours.

    Jo. x

  5. love this look! the camo jacket is perfect

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  6. Oh wow that skirt is pretty much perfect - such a beautiful print! Sounds like your festival was loads of fun :) xx

  7. yayyyyy I misssed you!! The Topshop camo jacket was definitely worth the money, I love how faded it is, suits you perfectly sir! xxx

  8. Love this outfit and I love the photographs too, you look so great!

  9. Great skirt I love it so much,

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  10. Absolutely beautiful skirt! Looks perfect with the camo too xxx

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