Friday, 29 June 2012

An Eye For An Eye Discount

Ahh apologies for my lack of blogging lately, I've been sooo busy!! Back with another post about An Eye For An Eye Clothing because Mike (designer of the range- bottom left), has given me a discount code for my readers to use until the 19th of July!! For 10% off An Eye for An Eye enter 'EYE1' at the checkout; so ladies tell your friends, boyfriends, brothers and if you're Katy - hamsters... to go and buy buy buyyy. Or pop past the stall at St Nicks market in Bristol on Saturday to pick yourself up some of his newest designs.


  1. Actually love these t-shirts. Really lovely and different!

  2. i was like "why are people coming to me from this post" hahahahah. I SHALL BE SURE TO TELL SCHMIDT, HE WILL LOVE TO WEAR THIS!! classic x


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